Saturday, January 21, 2017

Save with Zeek

*This post contains affiliate links, but in no way am I receiving any kind of payment for what I'm about to share with you.
Wouldn't it be great to save money on your everyday shopping?!?! I am so excited to share with you something that I only found out about a few weeks ago: Zeek.  Zeek is a website that buys and sells gift cards at a discounted price.  Gift cards are available for popular shops such as Argos, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Tesco, Mark & Spencer and John Lewis.

Gift cards are discounted at least 2%.  Now, 2% doesn't sound like a lot, but let me explain.  Let's say you spend £200 at your favourite supermarket per month. Now, let's say you buy a couple of gift cards at a 2-3% discount a month instead of just paying cash or using your credit card at the shop.  Now you're going to save £4-£6 on your monthly grocery shop.  "But Lauren, that's really not a big deal."  Well, there are 12 months in a year, right?  So if you save £4-£6 a month, you'd save £48-£72 per year for very little effort.  Now, that sounds pretty good, right?!

It gets better.  Zeek occasionally runs promotions for even more of a savings. For instance, if you click on this link, you'll receive £5 off your first discounted gift card.  "But Lauren, I don't really want to spend £100 on a gift card right now."  That's ok!  Take a look at the website.  Click on a shop's logo that you like to shop at. You'll find that there are gift cards available for as little as £20... oh wait... that may be £18 with a 10% discount.  With the extra £5 off, you'll pay £13 for a £20 gift card. We did exactly this when we ordered a Zizzi voucher a couple weeks ago.  See last week's blog where I share how we saved eating at Zizzi.
Once you've created a profile, you can also invite family and friends to use Zeek, too. If they purchase a gift card with their £5 discount, you'll also receive a £5 credit to use on your next gift card.

Sounds neat, doesn't it?  I've bought 3 gift cards from Zeek so far.  And so far, I'm impressed.  Our vouchers have arrived within 3 days by recorded delivery.  So, this may be the only drawback I've found so far.  Since the gift cards require a signature to be delivered, you need to be home or at least a neighbour has to be home to sign for the gift card.  However, if I've just paid money for a gift card, I wouldn't want it to be just slotted through the letter box.  

Not all of the gift cards are physical gift cards, actually. Some are an eGift Card and some are printable vouchers, so they could be used as soon as you've purchased them.  Make sure to read through the information about the gift card on the left-hand side of the company's page.  Note whether the gift card can be used in-store and/or online. 

There are other websites that sell gift cards at a discount, but I haven't tried them... yet.  I hope you'll check out Zeek soon, so you can save even more on your everyday purchases.

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