Friday, October 6, 2017

Coconut Oil: a Fantastic Beauty Product

There is a plethora of uses for coconut oil, such as cooking, beauty, and natural remedies. I've been using coconut oil to cook with for at least a couple of years now because of its health benefits and high smoking point, which means it won't oxidize when its being heated to high temperatures and cause nasty things to happen in the body (like olive oil can).  When my younger daughter was a newborn, I used coconut oil on her dry skin, instead of chemical-based lotions.  Simply Google "uses for coconut oil" to find a plethora of uses for coconut oil.

A few weeks ago, I started to use coconut oil as a make-up remover, after having less-than-satisfactory results with popular micellar water.  Yes, micellar water works... sort of... to remove make-up, but my eye make-up didn't come off completely and it dried out my skin, especially around my eyes.  I had heard of coconut oil being used to remove make-up (I'm sure most oil can be used as a make-up remover) for a while, but hadn't tried it... then I took the big step of applying it on my skin and on my eyes.  Admittedly, it does feel a bit strange at first to be rubbing oil... the same oil I cook with... all over my skin, especially my eyes, but it feels just fine after about 2 seconds.

So, once I rub a light layer all over my face, I use a cotton cosmetics pad or two to remove the makeup. I don't even need night cream now since my skin is left feeling very moisturized.  I've even noticed that if I have a spot (not that I do, of course), it has completely disppeared after a couple of nights.

Just a short, very entertaining video demonstration:
Oh, I haven't talked about the cost - it's not the cheapest of oils; however, a large jar is way cheaper than buying bottles of makeup remover, night- and eye cream.  I hope you'll give coconut oil a go - not only in your body, but on your body - very soon.

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