Friday, May 16, 2014

Finding the Pennies

The average person spends money without thinking about it.  A few pennies here, a few pennies there.  However, these pennies add up to A LOT if spent here and there without noticing.  I'm not necessarily talking about spending money on too many "coffee dates" or toys for the kids, but the pennies that go down the drain.  Just like a  person who is overweight often says they don't know why they weigh so much... uh, what about that biscuit you had with your tea in the morning, afternoon and evening?  It all adds up! What I'd like to do with this blog is to point out areas where we've found extra pennies in our life that can hopefully help you to find your pennies, too. I believe that by taking care of the pennies, the pounds will take care of themselves.   

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