Friday, December 2, 2016


I love using free things to organize, like shoe boxes and jam jars, but have you realized how awesome and totally useful clip hangers are?  "But where can I get these free, totally awesome and useful clip hangers, Lauren?" Answer: on shoes and boots that don't come in boxes!  So, I'm not suggesting you take these clips without permission (i.e. stealing), but if the next pair of shoes you buy comes on a clip hanger, ask politely to keep the hanger.

Soooo many letters come home with my daughter from school, and somehow, we are supposed to keep track of all of these papers in an organised fashion. I've come up with an almost free way: use a clip hanger to keep the papers together.
Now, the reason that it's an almost-free solution is that I use a Command Strip wire hook (that I bought!) hung on the inside of a kitchen cabinet next to important school dates and the school lunch menu.  Everything's in one place!  Nice and tidy... and inexpensive.
Another way I've used a clip hanger is to hang up my rubber gloves on the inside on my cleaning cabinet with the help of another Command Strip wire hook. This way they aren't just laying folded on top of the shelf somewhere.  They have a home... again, nice and tidy.

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  1. perfect solution to my school paper dilemma! I have been trying to come up with a solution...this is great!