Sunday, December 4, 2016

What the Voss?!

Just as I said to the waitress that I didn't want Voss sparkling water to drink, I heard the crack of the seal and the release of the gas as she opened the bottle.  It was too late.  Yes, I had asked for sparkling water, but I didn't expect her to bring me a bottle of what I think is the most expensive water in the world!

My friend and I were celebrating her birthday early with a girly trip to Birmingham and afternoon tea at a Japanese restaurant.  Up until the Voss was brought to the table, I was patting myself on the back having saved £3.60 by choosing a train station to park at that has free parking as opposed to my usual train station.  There's no real way to save on the train tickets (at least to my knowledge!).  

So after a couple of stops for drinks and lunch and lots of walking, we found the Japanese restaurant for the afternoon tea that I purchased through Groupon, one of my favourite money-saving sites, with a discount code (yep! saved even more!) and even earned some cashback into my KidStart account (more on Kidstart in another blog).

Our Japanese afternoon tea was delicious, and I even managed to use chopsticks without sending the sushi across the restaurant!  But man o man was I annoyed when that water came out.  I had tried to be so savvy when booking this tea, not to cheapen the experience, but it's just the way I think.  I just knew that bottle would mean big money!  I had a bottle of Voss once or twice before years ago when I wasn't paying for my meal, so I knew that I was practically drinking liquid gold.  The bottle cost £4, not the end of the world, but still, I was annoyed. Come on... it's water with a bit of gas!    

Lesson learned: always specifically ask for tap water or know what water/drink you're buying if you're at a restaurant.  My husband and I usually share a larger, but less expensive bottle of sparkling water when we're having a meal in a restaurant, so it's not like I haven't paid for water before.

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